Parrot for sale, We do offer healthy birds, we are reputable breeder with confident in the top quality of our birds. These birds are very intelligent, can mimic speech and can learn to be a very good talker if you spend time with him. The Congo African grey bird is just one of many talking birds we have for adoption at Jersey Parrot for Sale. We also breed and train birds like Amazon Parrots, Macaw Parrots, Cockatoos, and many other parrot pets.

African Grey Parrot also known as Congo grey is a very popular bird and is well known for their ability to mimic sounds, words that they find pleasant to them and they make a very good pet. Here at the avian home, we provide you with the opportunity to own one of our amazing African Grey bird.

Are you thinking of getting a parrot and don’t know what the price is or are you bothered about the distance, worry no more as we have put in place a great team that is responsible to move all our parrot for sale online both within and across states to their new forever home without any hassle and at a very reasonable price. We ship within USA and other countries with special consideration. On special occasion of the year we run Parrots sales discounts. Check our site regularly for update.