We are a team of qualified and trained African grey parrot breeders with more than 15 years of experience with these bird species and we will make your desire of owning a Congo Grey Parrot a reality.

How to Purchase a Congo Grey Parrot from Missouri

It is quite simple to place an order for your African grey parrot from us now and all you have to do is browse through our list of available parrots and select any of the baby African grey parrots that catches your attention. From there kindly proceed to the contact us page which you will be required to feel in the necessary fields in the contact form, as soon as you hit the submit button, a member of our team will contact you for some questions and how you can proceed with the purchase.

What you should know before purchasing an African Grey Parrot

The African Grey Parrot for sale in Missouri, Congo African grey parrot is known for its unique ability to imitate sound which they find pleasant to them and also their ability to understand and use some human words correctly. The grey parrot is very intelligent and can be too attached to you making them to demand much attention and time, so before considering the idea of purchasing a grey parrot, I will advise that you take time to adjust your daily activities and if you won’t be able to provide the bird with the required attention and care then it will be best you don’t buy one.

Shipping and Health Guarantee

During our years in breeding and shipping the African grey parrot, we have had the opportunity to talk with a few families and answer a few of their questions and the one question which kept repeating over and over was if it was safe to ship a bird via air flight. The direct and honest response is yes, all our birds are been shipped to their new homes in a well-structured and secured cage to guarantee safety and we also take extra measures by shipping them as an accompanied pet meaning someone is responsible for watching and attending to the bird until she finally reaches her new forever home. All our African Grey Parrots for Sale in Missouri will be coming with all their health papers, some toys and a handbook which explains more on its behavior and how you can facilitate the transition process.

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