More About the African Grey Parrot

African grey parrots are among the smartest of their entire family, so you should have no problem teaching them how to chat with you.

41. Do African grey parrots bite?

Yes. When they’re bored, stressed, frustrated or ill, African grey parrots can get nippy.

It’s part of a series of behaviors that African grey parrot owners have to deal with; these birds can engage in everything from nail-grinding to feather-plucking when acting out. They have the same cognitive abilities as a 3 to 6-year-old, so you basically have to treat them like toddlers that

will misbehave when they’re not feeling well.

It isn’t always a behavioral issue; it can be a sign of affection. Unless you like bleeding fingers, however, it probably isn’t a habit that you should encourage.

42. What kind of cage do you need for an African grey parrot?

Several things go into a good cage purchase for African grey parrots:

  • Size. African grey parrots need room to stretch their wings, so the recommended cage size is at least 3 – 4 feet on all sides. Another thing to note is that width is just as important as height, so rather than investing in a high, narrow cage, try to find something with more equal measurements.
  • Hiding places. African grey parrots have strong prey instincts, and 
  • their natural habitat is a thick forest canopy with lots of leaves and tree holes. They won’t be comfortable in a big, open cage where they’re constantly exposed to the light. Give them places where they can retreat.
  • Perches. African grey parrots love to perch, but they’re not always stable. They’ll need wide, solid surfaces that they can securely grip to keep them from taking a fall and hurting themselves.

43. Are African grey parrots messy?

It’s not an answer that pet owners want to hear, but yes, African grey parrots can get messy!

In addition to their happy-go-lucky relationship with poop, they’re also fond of ripping up papers, toys, fabrics, and woods as part of their play. Don’t expect your African grey parrot to be a neat and tidy bird.

44. Which parrot is the most intelligent?

This distinction goes to the African grey parrot. They’re generally considered the smartest parrots on the planet.

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