Pet Friendly African Grey Parrots

36. Are grey parrots good pets?

It depends on your definition of “good.” African grey parrots are intelligent creatures that can make fun, active, and playful pets. But they’ll also require a lot of time and attention. You can’t just lock them in a cage and forget about them. They won’t let you!

For example, African grey parrots are easily bored. If you aren’t providing them with enough stimulation, they might start bothering you with loud chatter and movement. They’ve also been known to take out their boredom on other birds, so they can become a bit of a problem child for you if you own a whole menagerie.

If you’re thinking of adopting an African grey parrot, make sure that you’re ready for a full-time, long-term commitment. They can be a lifelong companion, but you have to be willing to put in the work.

It’s a good idea to pick up a book about caring for grey parrots before buying one. It’s better to know what’s involved before you’ve committed to being an owner.

37. Is it legal to have an African grey parrot as a pet?

You’ll need to check your local laws.

While it’s illegal to buy or sell wild-caught African grey parrots, there are loopholes for captive-bred birds.

This is why you might see African grey parrots in pet shops even though they’re considered an endangered species.

Note: Always check with your breeder/pet shop to confirm that the parrot you are considering was bred in captivity. Wild-caught African parrots are endangered and illegal to buy/sell.

38. How much do grey African parrots cost?

African grey parrot prices start at $1,000 and can climb to $4,000 or more!

Younger birds are more expensive than older ones, and females are more valuable than males.

39. How do I teach my African grey to talk?

Most parrots are intelligent enough to start picking up human speech even when they aren’t trained to do so.

If you want to teach them something specific, however, here are a few tricks:

  • Start small. Don’t expect them to recite Hamlet right off the bat! Teach them simple phrases like “hello” and “goodbye,” and once they’re comfortable with their new vocabulary, start incorporating the words into 
  • a back-and-forth dialogue.
  • Repeat yourself. This is how parrots learn to recite full commercials. They hear them over and over again, and the repetition drills it into their brains.
  • Use a reward system. Give your parrot a treat every time that they mimic you. Positive reinforcement is a time-honored tradition among pet owners.
  • Don’t expect perfection. Some parrots are better “talkers” than others, and no amount of practice will be able to change that. For example, some might be able to gossip like a schoolgirl while others can only squawk a limited number of syllables. Love your African grey parrot for the parrot that it is, not the parrot that you want it to be!

40. Can parrots understand humans?

Yes. As a species, parrots are known for their ability to understand and copy human speech


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