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At Jersey Birds Farm we have the best parrots for sale. As its name indicates, the African grey is a mottled grey colored, medium-sized parrot. It has a large black bill and white mask enclosing a yellow eye, and has a striking red vent and tail . Females have a pale gray crown with dark gray edges, a gray body, and scarlet tail feathers.


Sex:  Male

Age:  24 months

Vet Check :   Yes

Status: Available

Shipping: Available


Looking for a feathered friend? Look no further than our parrot sales team. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience and the highest quality parrots on the market. Our African Grey parrots are particularly striking, despite their lack of colorful plumage. These elegant birds showcase shades of charcoal grey and white, with the only pop of color being the bright red on their tails. Watching them in flight is truly breathtaking, as their black wingspan is revealed in all its glory.

African Greys have distinctive features that set them apart from other parrots. Their large black beaks are one of their most noticeable traits, along with their striking yellow irises surrounded by patches of white skin. Though determining their gender can be tricky, experienced breeders are able to tell the difference based on subtle physical differences between males and females.

While other parrot species may be prized for their vibrant color mutations, African Greys are admired for their understated elegance. Some may have a few red feathers scattered throughout their bodies, but these are considered rare occurrences and not typically something breeders charge extra for.

In short, if you’re looking for a feather companion that is as refined and graceful as it is beautiful, our African Grey parrots are the perfect choice. Let our sales team help you find the perfect addition to your home and your heart.


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At our aviary, we prioritize individualized care for our baby birds during the weaning process. It is crucial that all of our online parrot sales feature healthy, nourished babies who are ready to take on the world. To achieve this, we tailor our hand-feeding formula to each species and their unique requirements. Early exposure to a diverse range of foods encourages our baby birds to develop their tastes and preferences. Once they are ready, we transition them to a diet that includes pellets, trail mix blends, fresh fruits and veggies, beans and rice, grains, bread, pasta, and nuts (for our Macaws and Conures).



African Grey Parrot stranger to soul mate

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  1. Rosaura

    For a first time buyer of birds, buying an African grey can be quite a daunting process. There are many things you should be looking for and considering before you commit to buying. General information on ‘what to look for in a healthy bird ‘ can be researched on many online sites, this is great advice, and something I also will be covering in this section. But from experience and hearing stories from many owners of ‘ New baby Greys ‘ I have discovered a whole new concern over the purchasing of baby birds and feel I really need to share this knowledge with you. I want to make the information I give you as clear and informative as I possibly can so will divide this topic into various categories. Each section will be something we must be aware of as respectable and caring parrot owners to be. To avoid any of these warnings makes us as irresponsible as some of the unscrupulous ‘ Breeders ‘ who are farming out these birds for money rather than considering the welfare of you and the bird. Remember, a good breeder will allow you to see your bird before you buy and answer any questions and concerns you may have. As potential buyers we need to know what questions to ask and have a good understanding of a good healthy looking bird and what the birds specific requirements will be. My aim is to guide you through the preparation, buying, housing, feeding, taming and training of your new baby African Grey and to warn you of all the scams, illnesses and diseases that could be harmful to your ‘ new addition’. If you have recently bought a new baby ‘ African Grey ‘ or are considering purchasing one as a pet, please take time to read my articles and take note of all of my warnings! – Too many baby birds are dying due to uncaring breeders and unknowledgeable owners, please do not let your baby be one of these!

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