Smart African Grey Parrots

31. What is the African grey parrots call?

In the wild, African grey parrots have a complex series of vocalizations. These include alarm calls, contact calls, distress calls, and hunting calls in addition to everyday chatting and preening when large flocks are together.

Research suggests that they have excellent hearing and can distinguish very minor note changes. They might even recognize the specific calls of their mates and children.

32. Are African grey parrots loud?

They definitely don’t belong in a library! African grey parrots are vocal birds that love to talk and sing.

While they aren’t automatically loud, they don’t have any sense of volume regulation, and they only stop chittering and chattering when they feel like it. As charming as they might be, you don’t want to bring home an African

grey parrot if you value peace and quiet.

33. Do African grey parrots carry disease?

African grey parrots can come down with several worms, parasites, diseases, and infections. They can be surprisingly delicate birds. Most of these conditions are only dangerous to other members of the avian family, but one of them can be spread to humans: psittacosis.

Also known as “parrot fever,” psittacosis is characterized by rashes, headaches, high temperatures, joint pains, and nose bleeds. It’s often confused with typhoid fever or meningitis. Serious cases can require hospitalization.

To avoid getting psittacosis, make sure that you always wash your hands after playing with your parrot. Keep their cage clean, and use gloves when dealing with their droppings. Stay vigilant about their overall health. If you notice any suspicious symptoms in your parrot, don’t hesitate to contact your vet and get them checked out.

34. Do African grey parrots have any special significance in African culture?

African grey parrots are quite popular among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. During their annual Gelede festival, the grey face and blood-red tail

feathers are painted on all kinds of costumes and masks.

African grey parrots are also linked with many spy and sentinel myths since they’re known for their vocalizations.

35. Where can I see the African grey parrot?

The African grey parrot can be found in a few zoos, including the Knoxville Zoo and the San Diego Zoo. It isn’t a common feature since it’s so rare and elusive in the wild. If you want to see an African grey parrot in the flesh, you might have to reach out to a breeder.

Keeping African Grey Parrots as a Pet

Are you interested in owning an African grey parrot as a pet? Before you set up a perch, here are a few things you might want to know.


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